Alison Blickle, ‘Sunset’, 2011, Eleanor Harwood Gallery

About Alison Blickle

Alison Blickle makes sensual oil paintings of females, usually nude or partially clothed, that marry elements of classical portraiture and landscape painting with a modern sensibility. Her subject sometimes faces away from the viewer, wrapped up in, say, the ravishing sunset behind her (American Sunset, 2011), recalling Caspar David Fredrich's transcendental paintings of man in awe of nature. Otherwise, the women confront the viewer with their classic beauty, framed by luscious, warm-toned or dark landscapes. Her recent sandy-hued “Zabriskie Point” series (2010), named after the Michelangelo Antonioni film that inspired her to visit the Mojave Desert, explores notions of wilderness and the human desire to commune with nature; it stems from Blickle’s personal longing to “get in touch with the wild parts of myself” and her romantic ideas about living off the land.

American, b. 1976, San Diego, California, based in Brooklyn, New York