Alison Cooley, ‘Hot Frost’, 2015, Tappan
Alison Cooley, ‘Hot Frost’, 2015, Tappan

The new series of larger works on canvas continue the exploration of abstraction with an emphasis on articulating (and obscuring) the shapes and colors of living, breathing vessels. Based loosely on daily anonymous interactions, the paintings express the range of personal weather - warmth, hue, aura, scent, mood- that radiate from everyone involuntarily. So often we are thrown into weird intimacy with strangers, especially in cities, and the encounter is visceral. The scent of a wet coat, the recognition of a song leaking from ear buds, the unexpected look at a shaving cut can momentarily engage us in a stranger's world. In a way the work acts as a collective portraiture, capturing the shifting fronts and clouds as people move through and around each other, leaving elements in their wake. The paintings have a heightened palette pulled from the pigments of the natural world in concert with waxy, glossy, incandescent color. Lines, etchings and blooms of color express the way we present ourselves to the world.

Signature: Signed by the artist. The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity.

About Alison Cooley

based in Easton, MD, United States

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