Alison Lambert, ‘Hecuba’, 2016, PRATT CONTEMPORARY / PRATT EDITIONS

Alison Lambert has been working with the human as imagery for the past thirty-two years and more recently she has been focusing on the human head. As with her drawings, these heads are not portraits of particular people but heads that have evolved through a process of drawing and
re-drawing in charcoal on paper and, in the case of monotypes, in ink on copper plate.
She does not work from life but refers to photographs of different people that she finds from several sources, often referring to many images for one piece of work. The aim is for the resulting image to take on an inner life of its own that is both timeless and universal.
In 2016 two of Alison Lambert’s large drawings have entered two public collections - the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota, where Magnus is currently on show in the new wing.

Signature: Signed and titled

Publisher: Pratt Contemporary

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