Alix Lambert, ‘Officer of The Court (Courtroom Print #3)’, 2016, World House Editions

Having a lengthy interest in criminology, the artist chose to sit in on a criminal court case, and, acting as her own courtroom artist and stenographer, captured moments in the lives of people who have unknowingly become subjects in her work. Alix Lambert has said of this series..."Cameras continue to be banned from courtrooms, making them places where the practice and tradition of drawing still exists for a utilitarian purpose. Courtrooms are open to the public. My interest in drawing, my interest in storytelling, and my interest in our criminal justice system all converge in the courtroom when I sit, sketch and listen as people talk about their lives and their circumstances. I learn a lot about people and about the city I happen to be in. These three drawings were made during an attempted murder case heard in August, 2016, at the Supreme Court of The State of New York (criminal), 320 Jay St. Brooklyn, NY.”

Signature: Signed, dated and numbered in pencil

Publisher: World House Editions

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