Allan D'Arcangelo, ‘BEGINNINGS (from America: The Third Century)’, 1975, Alpha 137 Gallery

Signed, dated and numbered from the limited edition of 200 in silver marker on the recto (front). This spectacular mid 1970s hand signed and numbered mixed media print with embossing by renowned American Pop Artist Allan D'Arcangelo, was created as part of a portfolio called "America: the Third Century", commissioned by Mobil Oil Corporation in which 13 artists were invited to create works celebrating America's bicentennial. Other editions of this print are in the permanent collection of the Museum of American art and the US State Department's Art in Embassies Program. The work depicts the great seal of of the United States, with an elegant embossed design and the text, Annuit Coeptis is the Latin motto suggested in 1782 by Charles Thomson, the Founding Father chosen by Continental Congress to come up with the final design for the Great Seal of the United States. (The embossing is equally impressive on the verso (back) - though the photograph doesn't capture it well.) The year this print was created (1975) was the year that the United States Mint began releasing special bicentennial coinage with new designs on the reverse sides of the quarter, half-dollar, and dollar. The Bicentennial Kennedy half-dollar was released on July 7, 1975, and was minted with the image of Independence Hall. The front of all of the bicentennial coins remained the same. The Director of the United States Mint, Mary Brookes, described the importance of the bicentennial coinage in a 1975 press release: “The Bicentennial coins mark the first time in our history that circulating coins have been re-designed in honor of an anniversary of American Independence. The silver specimens, particularly, are quality mementos of our 200 years of freedom and I hope they will be treasured and admired long after 1976 fades into memory..." Excellent condition. Never framed.
Printer: Styria Studio, features publishers' distinctive blind stamp on the recto.

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Signature: Signed, dated and numbered with silver marker on the recto (front)

Publisher: Printer: Styria Studio, features publishers' distinctive blind stamp on the recto

America: The Third Century Portfolio

About Allan D'Arcangelo

Painter and printmaker Allan D’Arcangelo is best known for his abstract paintings of highways and road signs, or “Pop imagery snugged into formal tropes of hard-edged abstraction,” as a New Yorker reviewer once described it. Often depicted from the driver’s perspective, D’Arcangelo’s paintings incorporate simplified, flat color planes and fragmented geometric forms, superimposing cropped road signs, forms resembling broken glass, and vague highway imagery over two-dimensional, endlessly rolling landscapes. D’Arcangelo always maintained a strong fascination with industrial imagery and scenery, and is considered one of the earliest American Pop artists.

American, 1930-1998, Buffalo, New York