Allan D'Arcangelo, ‘Constellation #10’, ca. 1970, Hollis Taggart Galleries

Signature: Signed, inscribed, dated, and titled and dated on verso: "© A. DArcangelo / nyc 1970 / 'Constellation #10' / 84" x 84"" / IC"

New York, Hollis Taggart Galleries, "Beyond Pop: Allan D'Arcangelo: Work from the Sixties," May 1-31, 2014.

New York: Hollis Taggart Galleries. "In the Absence of Color: Artists Working in Black and White." 2 May - 13 June 2017.

Eileen Costello, "Beyond Pop: Allan D'Arcangelo: Work from the Sixties." (New York: Hollis Taggart Galleries, 2014), pl. 16.

Private Collection, Dallas, Texas (early 1970s–2012)

About Allan D'Arcangelo

Painter and printmaker Allan D’Arcangelo is best known for his abstract paintings of highways and road signs, or “Pop imagery snugged into formal tropes of hard-edged abstraction,” as a New Yorker reviewer once described it. Often depicted from the driver’s perspective, D’Arcangelo’s paintings incorporate simplified, flat color planes and fragmented geometric forms, superimposing cropped road signs, forms resembling broken glass, and vague highway imagery over two-dimensional, endlessly rolling landscapes. D’Arcangelo always maintained a strong fascination with industrial imagery and scenery, and is considered one of the earliest American Pop artists.

American, 1930-1998, Buffalo, New York