Allan McCollum, ‘The Shapes Project:  Threaded Shape (C075)’, 2005, Krakow Witkin Gallery

Unique digitized embroidered shape on cotton fabric in oval walnut frame

Signature: Signed 'Allan McCollum' on reverse on each shape

About Allan McCollum

In his sculptures, drawings, and photographs, Allan McCollum applies the strategies of typologies and mass production to handmade objects, creating vast installations of small-scale works. In his 2006 Shapes Project, he designed a system to produce and keep track of unique graphic emblems for every person on earth. Shapes of Maine (2005-2008), an extension of the Shapes Project, is a pictorial history of the state via its craftspeople, comprising over 2,220 unique items in four categories, including wood ornaments and copper cookie cutters.

American, b. 1944, Los Angeles, California