Allyson Monson, ‘Coming Down’, 2016, Elisa Contemporary

Elisa Contemporary Art is pleased to now represent emerging photographer Allyson Monson. Her creative vision transforms color and ordinary objects into painterly images.

According to Allyson, "My images evoke light, movement, texture and color. My ability to see everyday objects differently, beyond the naked eye is what makes my photographs original. A new perspective on ordinary urban and suburban life."

From a young Age, Allyson has always had a love for texture and color. Her specialized studies were Textiles, Merchandising and Design at the Univeristy of Rhode Island and Interior Design at the Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy. While Studing in Italy, she works on a project designing a print of a coffee percolator using the texture from Pirelli Tires. It was from that moment that she began viewing everyday life from a different perspective.

It is apparent that light and movement along with textures is what Allyson sees behind the lends. Her ability to see ordinary objects differently is what makes her work personal. Her recent series project Allyson's love for color and transforms life into a painting.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York, Allyson had the city at her fingertips. The fast action and energy of metropolitan cities remain her favorite subject.

About Allyson Monson