Alyse Rosner, ‘Sweep’, 2015, Rick Wester Fine Art

Image rights: © 2017, Alyse Rosner

About Alyse Rosner

Though she works with paint, Alyse Rosner has the sensibility of a draughtsman or a printmaker, building up forms and layers with lines and hatching. The accumulations of many small marks often create a raised or a textured surface, which she sometimes outlines and emphasizes by using voluminous paint. Rosner also works with rubbing techniques as an integral part of her process. She lifts the topical texture of wood grain, or the raised surface of her previous pieces, which she then reworks by selectively adding colors and detailing. When writing about her own work, Rosner elaborates on her own obsessiveness and attention to detail—a practice inspired by Indian miniatures, Asian art, and manuscript illumination.

American, b. 1968, based in Connecticut, USA