Alyson Belcher, ‘Owl Drug Co.’, 2016, Andra Norris Gallery

The artist photographed the 'Owl Drug Co 'medicine bottle (from her personal collection) in total darkness, and "painted" it with a flashlight during a 30 second exposure. The images from the still life series are printed using a carbon printing process on archival cotton rag paper, resulting in one of the most archival prints available today, and in an extraordinary range of subtle tones.

Series: Remedies and Cures

Signature: Artist signed, numbered print

Image rights: Artist copyright

Publisher: artist

Belcher is best known for her haunting and spartan still life compositions, series of nude self portraits, and nature scenes, that arise though both planning and happenstance, from primitive hand made pin-hole cameras, and hi tech digital cameras. She holds to the idea that everything we experience in life is stored somewhere in our bodies and that essence shows itself in the photograph.

The carbon print is 17 x 11 inches. Professionally framed in solid ebony stained walnut wood with archival museum matting. The frame's outer dimension is 20 3/4 x 16 inches. Ed 1/10. Artist signed and titled Verso. Condition is pristine. of Alyson Belcher's photographs have been featured in International photography magazines, exhibited coast to coast and collected worldwide.

About Alyson Belcher

American, based in Oregon, United States