Amanda Means, ‘Folded and Crushed 11’, 2015, JHB Gallery

About Amanda Means

Amanda Means has worked as a master black-and-white printmaker for such notables as photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, artist Roni Horn, and the Smithsonian Institution, but she creates her own work without even using a camera. The artist explores with the limits of the photographic medium, creating images without film by allowing developing chemicals to wash across scored paper, creating lyrical, abstract chemigrams in the tradition of Pierre Cordier. She also often works with everyday objects as her subject matter, bringing light bulbs, drinking glasses, and even plants into the darkroom and placing them under the enlarger to capture them in stark detail onto light-sensitive paper. With their crisp, graphic lines and the objects’ subtle imperfections, the works offer a closer look at the duality of the manmade and nature’s unknowable forces.

American, b. 1945, based in New York, New York