Amauri Torezan, ‘Rhapsody’, 2017, Oliver Cole Gallery

Amauri Torezan
60" x 48"
Acrylic paint
Ready to hang


Torezan is a Brazilian-born painter living and working in South Florida. Inspired by representations of the future, and abstract art produced in the Mid-20th century, Torezan developed his unique style creating hard-edge abstractions flatly painted on a variety of surfaces. In his work, geometric and organic forms seem to be floating around each other evoking a sense of depth, as though the shapes were eternally suspended in space. The contrasting colors enhance the dramatic and exuberant effect, creating an overall sensation of blossoming and burgeoning life.

Torezan's works of art were recently exhibited at The Baker Museum, Coral Springs Museum of Art, as well as in art galleries and international art fairs, including, LA Art Show, Art Wynwood, Parallax Art Fair (London), and Art Palm Beach, where his work was exhibited alongside the works of the masters Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, and Frank Stella, among others. In 2016, Torezan collaborated with the Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer, painting a line of art watch straps that were then presented during his solo exhibition at the brand’s store in Miami.

Amauri Torezan’s paintings are currently part of collections throughout USA, Europe and Brazil.

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