Amba Sayal-Bennett, ‘Mc Tusk’, 2016, LUNDGREN GALLERY

About Amba Sayal-Bennett

Inspired by the never-ending compositional possibilities of simple geometries and everyday materials, Amba Sayal-Bennett erects sculptures and installations that resemble architectural plans, building blocks, and modernist altarpieces. “I think it is this endless potential for translation and therefore a resistance to fixity that appeals to me in the language of geometry and line,” Sayal-Bennett has said about the foundations of her practice. After arranging hard-edged shapes in intricate drawings, the artist translates her compositions into three-dimensional forms of all shapes and sizes. Using construction paper, cardboard, overhead projectors, and detritus found on the street, Sayal-Bennett creates detailed and colorful compositions that enter into and overtake the viewer’s physical space.

British, b. 1991, based in London, United Kingdom