Amber George, ‘Embroidery No. 2’, 2008, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Amber George

Amber George's longstanding relationship with nature serves as the basis for her paintings, which are filled with imagery and observations of the outdoors. From an early age, George was surrounded by the natural environment in California, and observed the wilderness on family vacations to farms in the Midwest, camping trips, and adventures on horseback. She began to translate this imagery into artwork, and later studied fine art at UCLA with contemporary artists Lari Pittman and Nancy Rubins. George represents her memories and daily observations through items such as plants, personal belongings, and patterns derived from nature; these items are then shared through manipulated photographs and distorted photocopies and become interpretations of memories rather than straightforward depictions. Today, George lives in a rural artist community in northern San Diego County, where she is fully surrounded by her sources of inspiration.

American, based in San Diego, California