Amelia Konow, ‘Aluminum #4’, 2013, Wirtz Art

At a secondhand shop near my home in Oakland, I found several glass plate
negatives that resemble 19th century photographs of galaxies and celestial bodies.
One plate contained a graph and equation, which led me to investigate further. I
consulted a scientist who concluded that the plates are actually images of the
microstructure of aluminum, obtained by x-ray diffraction. They were likely
discarded by an industrial chemistry lab after they digitized their research materials.
The plates were created as scientific documents, but outside their original context
they become photographic objects that refer only to what they resemble - the
cosmos. By printing the plates in the darkroom, my intent is to illuminate the
process of perception by which we recognize and name imagery, revealing tension
between what we see and what we think we see.

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