Amelia Konow, ‘Blue’, 2011, Wirtz Art
Amelia Konow, ‘Blue’, 2011, Wirtz Art

The vast, open landscape exists not only on the ground in the tangible
world, but above us in the sky. Blue is an abstraction of this sublime and
cosmological landscape, utilizing the repetition inherent in the grid format to portray
the sky as an eternally shifting continuum.
The Polaroid film I used produces only monochromatic blue colors, as its
original intended use was in architecture to produce blueprints. I use instant film
and a vintage camera made in 1963 to create the individual photographs,
referencing a pattern in photographic technology where the old materials are
ushered out in favor of the new. Though the film is obsolete for its original purpose,
I utilize the film’s color palette to interpret the sky’s blue colors and shifting forms.

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