Amelia Konow, ‘Local Plants #31’, 2013, Wirtz Art

In Local Plants I juxtapose the terrestrial with the extra-terrestrial while exploring
color and form. My inspiration comes from the Fibonacci spiral, a visual pattern that
occurs in many natural structures throughout the universe, such as leaf and petal
arrangements on plant stems and the shape of certain galaxies and nebulas. I am
fascinated by this interconnectedness, and Local Plants is the result of my
subjective musings. I imagine a flower blooming as a nebula churns and expands,
and a dandelion's seeds scattering into space to form constellations. I collect plants
from a park near my studio and combine them with Hubble Space Telescope
imagery from astronomy books to describe these scenes. The absurdity of the
images point to the impossibility of photographic truth while revealing
representations of my daydreams.

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