Amy Elkins, ‘Adiran, Danse Hallerne, Copenhagen’, 2012, Yancey Richardson Gallery

About Amy Elkins

Focused primarily on men, photographer Amy Elkins makes intimate, formal portraits through which she explores vulnerability, the nuances of identity, and transitional states. Working in series, she has captured college rugby players immediately after a game, marked by bruises and cuts, in “Elegant Violence” (2010-); shirtless young men elegantly posed in front of flowery wallpaper, their sexual orientation indeterminate, in “Wallflower” (2005-08); and young men in transition from adolescence to adulthood and sickness to healing, in “Lucas” (2010-) and “Gray” (2004-).

American, b. 1979, Venice Beach, California, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States

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