Amy Hill, ‘Young Woman with Blonde Hair’, 2017, Lois Lambert Gallery

Image rights: Amy Hill

Lois Lambert Gallery presents “Bohemians”, a
series of oil on wood portraits by the artist Amy Hill.
In this series Hill drew inspiration from the 15th
century Flemish renaissance style portraiture while
incorporating the contemporary subject matter
creating a contrasting vision of the modern world.
Inspiration came from a love of the fashions
captured in the tradition of 15th century portraiture
and the aesthetic created by the rich fabrics and elaborate dresses. Finding modern
fashions to capture the same impact Hill drew from the sub culture movements, such as
punk and bohemian.
Hill begins with an original master portrait which is manipulated digitally to create the
structure for her piece. She then uses a model to provide the modern fashion
references often having her subject hold an object. Unlike the master works which used
the objects held as status symbols, Amy choses objects that relate more to the
“Young Woman with Cat”
Oil on Wood 8” x 10”
materialistic nature of our modern culture. Once the image has been constructed
digitally, a combination of the original works and her photographed model, she paints
the image in oil on wood board. By constructing images in such a way hill has fabricated
a fictional subject but through the decoration and attire she maintains the sense of
authenticity and familiarity.
In this collection, Hill has utilized the aesthetic of both the classical and the modern in a
format that compels the viewer to contrast contemporary and traditional notions of
status and beauty.
Amy Hill graduated from Carnegie Melon in graphic design. She lives and works in
New York City, New York. Her work has appeared in galleries in New York and across
the country.

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