Amy Lincoln, ‘Spring Moonlight’, 2014, Project: ARTspace

About Amy Lincoln

Drawing on three prevailing genres of oil painting—landscape, still life, and portraiture—and working with a distinct color palette, Amy Lincoln employs a visual vocabulary that unsettles any clear-cut category. Her uncanny use of bold and unnatural colors and highly manicured style, evocative of Henri Rousseau’s vivid jungles, instills a discomfiting quality in otherwise idyllic settings, which include scenic deserts and verdant forests. Her paintings strive to create an exotic sense of the natural world. “I think my paintings are a whole lot more controlled and manicured than nature really is,” Lincoln has said. “I try to convey the structure of a plant, not to represent it realistically.”

American , b. 1981, based in Brooklyn, New York

Group Shows

Gallery Bergelli,