Amy Smith, ‘Made for Greatness’, 2016, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

Work ships from Los Angeles.

Amy Smith’s mixed media collages are built of a range of references, from the silhouettes of editorial photography and fashion illustration to the bold, stenciled lines of street art. Her paintings harmoniously shoulder the order and organization of digital editing with the tactile immediacy of assemblage, reevaluating contemporary imagery in its application to canvas. In these works, variegated clippings of torn magazines pages, as highlighted within a stencil, bubble up underneath a coat of bold acrylic color. Whether a portrait or a textual dictum, her subject aims to inspire and empower. Smith has been most active in Los Angeles, her home, with a solo show at The Gabba Gallery in 2016 and further showings with The Hive Gallery and Julien’s Auctions, and she has maintained involvement with local charities like Project Angel Food and Off the Wall Graffiti.
—Courtesy of Michael Carli

Signature: Signed, Asmith