Ana da Silva, ‘our thoughts are confused’, 2015, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist.

Ana da Silva created this piece using lyrics from The Raincoats' 1994 EP entitled Extended Play. The phrase "our thoughts are confused" comes from the song "We Smile," whose mention of rhythms of "strange unexpected combinations" mirrors the composition of the music. This EP was the first work The Raincoats had recorded together since breaking up in 1984. –Courtesy of The Kitchen

Unique, framed.

Ana da Silva is part of the pioneering female, post-punk band The Raincoats, which she founded in 1977 with Gina Birch in London. The band later performed at The Kitchen in 1980, recording their celebrated album The Kitchen Tapes. Da Silva continues to make music today, and will return to The Kitchen this fall to celebrate the release of Jenn Pelly’s book about The Raincoat’s eponymous first album.

Signature: Verso

Image rights: Courtesy of the Kitchen and the Artist.