Ana Kraš, ‘Mara Bench’, 2017, Chamber

Mara series of objects are named after Kraš's grandmother Mara, who was a kitchen manager in a canteen during the Second Worl War. Mara's own kitchen featured simple laminated cabinets. Growing up, surrounded by communist decor, Kraš developed a special soft spot for laminates. She likes laminate because the material is durable, easy to clean and the material comes in many colors. In Mara series Kraš plays with surfaces, geometry and color, and uses laminates like paper collages.

Image rights: David Brandon Geeting

About Ana Kraš

Ana Kras blurs the personal and the commercial, art and utilitarianism in her wide-ranging body of work, encompassing furniture and household accessories, photographs, illustrations, drawings, and videos. Inspired by her surroundings and trained in applied arts, Kras is interested in objects—and improving upon them. “I don’t really sit down to create a new piece—I get the idea when I am not looking for it,” she explains. Best known for her functional objects, she uses wood, wire, and yarn to handcraft lamps, clothing racks, tables, and chairs. Her Noodle tables (begun 2009), round trays atop wire cylinder, riff off of schoolroom garbage bins; her Bonbon lamps (begun 2010), multicolored yarn stretched across wire frames, playfully reference the sweets after which they are shaped. They reveal, like all of her works, the elegance in the humble and everyday.

Serbian, b. 1984, based in New York, New York

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