Ana Roldán, ‘Displacements #16’, 2012, Instituto de Visión

n this work Ana Roldán reconstructs images of stone sculptures representing death in pre-colonial time in Mexico. The photographs she uses come from the catalogue of an exhibition called “The Death in Mexico”, which took place in the Mu- seum of Arts of the National University in the 70’s and which explored the representation of death in Mexico from ancient time until the 70s. Roldán was particularly interested in the illustrations of this catalogue as they contained the aesthetic of the 70’s, and they conveyed its vision upon the historical and artistic and aesthetic signi cance of these sculptures. Roldán plays with these different levels of representations and adds her own by inserting a fracture, a “displacement”, and reconstructing a new image with fragments of these illustrations. This process could be seen as a metaphor of perception, where all we have are fragments of realities that our eye and brain reconstruct into a new whole according to our personal placement and constellation in history, geography and society.

Series: Edition of 3

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