Ana Sacerdote, ‘Untitled’, ca. 1950, Jorge Mara - La Ruche

About Ana Sacerdote

Though Ana Sacerdote began painting at the age of 15, she did not have a solo gallery show until the age of 87. This lack of exhibition history is attributed to her largely nomadic life, beginning with her immigration to Argentina in fleeing Italian Fascism. Sacerdote attended art school in Buenos Aires, but her art education was largely accrued through informal studying with peers and self-teaching. She was most influenced by Concrete and abstract artists from Buenos Aires, as well as Nicolas de Staël. Her early works featured rigid geometric compositions and explorations of color theory; her later work would become looser in form. In the 1970s, Sacerdote developed her interest in new media, and made several computer-generated drawings.

Italian-Argentinian, 1925-2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina