Anahita Razmi, ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’, 2011, Carbon 12

The work “Miss Atomic Bomb” directly references a series of US propaganda photographs of the 50ties. In these photographs, women are posing with different nuclear accessories. As a new ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ I am collaging these elements and set pieces in a contemporary context that is establishing shifted relations. The posing commemorates a past position within the nuclear issue and sheds a different light on the present discussion and the ongoing debate about Iran’s nuclear programme, that almost inevitably is tangent to my rendition as ‘Miss Atomic Bomb: Anahita Razmi’.

About Anahita Razmi

Digital and performance artist Anahita Razmi mines her Iranian cultural heritage and appropriates iconic works of art—particularly those of feminist artists—bringing to them a new Eastern context. She is best known for Roof Piece Tehran (2011), a video installation for which Razmi recreated Trisha Brown’s seminal 1971 work Roof Piece, filming 12 dancers not on the rooftops of New York but on those of Tehran—a reference to the rooftop demonstrations during Iran’s 2009 election protests. “My works are always conceptual and political but they also have a sense of humor,” she has said. For Re/cut Piece, a re-enactment of Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece (1964), Razmi wore a black Gucci dress and invited an audience in Dubai to cut it off her body. In other works Razmi has referenced Tracey Emin’s quilted textiles and Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits.

German, b. 1981, Hamburg, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany

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