Anderson & Low, ‘NDGT Earth #11’, 2000, Bluerider ART

About Anderson & Low

Best known for their striking images of athletes, Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low have been collaborating on photography since 1990. The duo have explored modern notions of heroism—capturing images of athletes who are also cadets in the U.S. military academies—as well as issues of identity and youth culture. For their “Circus” series, Anderson & Low photographed circus performers in an amusement park, probing the way that costume and performance shape identity. “They have this inner core of mystery that makes the ordinary, extraordinary,” the pair have said of their subjects. “That’s what we tried to convey.” Citing painters like Klee, Malevich, and Albers as inspirations, Anderson & Low have combined photography with digital painting and calligraphy to create a hybrid art form, as well as, in recent years, making forays into video art.

British & Chinese-Malaysian, Est. 1990, based in London, United Kingdom

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