André Borderie, ‘Coffee table’, 1957, Thomas Fritsch-ARTRIUM

Tray divided into two parties on bed of cement. Black, white, green and orange abstract decor. Black enamelled metal feets.

Signature: Monogrammed b under the top.

About André Borderie

André Borderie’s practice combines the practicality of furniture making with the subtle craft of sculpture. His sleek and modern pieces, ranging from seating and tables to decorative objects, reflect a style derivative of the simplest geometric forms—the triangle, the circle, and the square. He began his practice as the result of a chance encounter with artists Pierre and Vera Székely in post-war Vienna, a fruitful collaboration through which he would produce some of the most sensual and simple ceramic objects. The language Borderie developed during this time translated to his later works and larger pieces, including his wall murals that incorporated vibrant colors and motifs reflective of the ethnic pottery of the period.

French, 1923-1998, Bordeaux, France

Fair History on Artsy

Magen H Gallery at Design Miami/ 2014
Magen H Gallery at Design Miami/ Basel 2014
Magen H Gallery at Collective .1 Design Fair 2013