Andre Brasilier, ‘Chantal au bouquet jaune’, 1971, Daphne Alazraki Fine Art

Brasilier here portrays one of his favorite subjects, a female figure holding a vase with flowers. A good deal of the figure’s face is visible to the viewer, but her expression is mysterious. Her dark hair and skirt contrast her light skin and white turtleneck top, and she is holding a large taupe vase. From the vase emanates a mass of bright yellow flowers with dark leaves, which spread out through the upper part of the composition like rays of sunshine. The juxtaposition of the muted palette and the vivid yellow tones of the flowers render this work a relaxing yet exuberant atmosphere.

Signature: André Brasilier

Maison Bernard Galeria de Arte, Caracas
Private collection, 1972

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