André Groult, ‘Rare Pair of Side Chairs’, ca. 1913, Maison Gerard
André Groult, ‘Rare Pair of Side Chairs’, ca. 1913, Maison Gerard

Signature: Stamped: au fer André Groult with a bouquet of flowers insignia

For period photographs of similar chairs, see:
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About André Groult

A progenitor of art deco whose work hints at Surrealism, André Groult designed furniture that epitomizes the experimental and playful spirit of post-World War I France. Groult’s early work, with its intricate forms derived from nature, demonstrates overlapping tendencies with Art Nouveau. Pushing beyond the limitations of the Art Nouveau style, Groult streamlined his designs in response to new industrial techniques, European modernism, and the influence of African and Asian art. The gentle curves of Groult’s designs display a whimsical attitude and evoke the human figure; the sensual outlines mirror the female body and echo figures from surrealist sculptures and paintings.

French, 1884-1966

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