Andre Stead, ‘Death and Belief - Edition 1 of 6’, 2014, Christopher Moller Gallery

The emergence of man

The emergence of man has brought about a profound change in the evolutionary development of planet earth. The oldest recorded abstract art dates back 72000 years and all though it is a far cry from our modern perspective, it is this ability to assimilate abstract thought that has set the human race apart from any other species and given us the ability to acquire immense technical knowledge. Collectively as a species, we hold great power to either nurture or devastate, create or destroy. As individuals we possess infinite potential and it is our combined efforts that make up the collective human presence.

Every single person is special in their own particular way with a unique perspective of the world, adding to the immense diversity of human culture and expression. Every person is worth a closer look to further understanding the nature of humanity, for it is in the essence of human nature that one finds compassion and love. We all have our own unique perspective and identity, but as a species we are all essentially the same. There are certain essential, somewhat primal instincts that drive each and every one of us. At a subconscious level our desire to find a mate or our fear of death may control the decisions we make on a daily basis, but ultimately, our greatest desire is to be loved before we inevitably surrender our mortality to both time and space.
Death and Belief

Humans have always been fascinated with the idea of death and rebirth. All cultures have beliefs that deal with the topic of death and eternal or renewed life. There are intricate ceremonies honouring the passing of loved ones and entire belief systems constructed around the certitude of the afterlife. Death and belief are intrinsically connected in the conciousness of human kind and form part of our understanding that death ultimately holds the promise of new life, like a seed growing from a fallen fruit.

About Andre Stead

b. 1975, Evander, Mpumalanga, South Africa, based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa