Andre Stead, ‘Scattering Doves ’, 2015, Christopher Moller Gallery

Scattering Doves

The progression of colour in the piece simulates the directional movement of the flock of birds and this feeling of movement is what makes the piece so successful. Where differently coloured doves overlap, the result is a mixture of new tones. Some of the plexiglass used are more transparent than others and some have a frosted finish. This variation in transparency throughout the range of colours also creates different effects of depth within the piece. The scattering doves installation is constructed from 3mm laser cut plexiglass and stainless steel. The colours are blue, grey and white, these colours can be varied according the client’s preferences. Each installation is unique and is a once-off. The artist uses flocks of geese, schools of fish and other themes as inspiration for these installations. A circular stainless steel framework supports the modular branches that suspend each bird in its correct position and alignment. The dove profiles are bolted to the supporting structure by means of a custom made plexiglass attachment that is permanently bonded to the birds’ surfaces.

About Andre Stead

b. 1975, Evander, Mpumalanga, South Africa, based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa