Andre von Morisse, ‘Pink Freud 2’, 2015, SILAS VON MORISSE gallery

Image rights: © Andre von Morisse

2015, Andre von Morisse, Pink Freud and the Pleasant Horizon, October 28 - December 13, ART 3, Brooklyn, NY

ART 3 Gallery

About Andre von Morisse

Conceptual painter and photographer Andre von Morisse combines the two mediums in unexpected and interesting ways. In his series “End of a New Dawn,” von Morisse inverts the usual relationship between paint and photograph, creating black-and-white paintings filled with elements of nostalgia and retro-futurism and then photographing them. After shooting these painted scenes, he enlarges the images to add a fuzzy, otherworldly effect, printing them with a labor-intensive process of selenium-toned gelatin silver prints on paper, which he then mounts on aluminum. In other bodies of work, he has turned his camera lens onto the urban environment, creating gauzy images of city life and infrastructure.

Norwegian , b. 1966

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