Andrea Branzi, ‘Drawing’, 1980, Casati Gallery
Andrea Branzi, ‘Drawing’, 1980, Casati Gallery

drawing - 13.25 w x 9.25 h in.
frame - 17.37 w x 13.5 h in.

Signature: [Andrea Branzi - 11/7/80]

Image rights: casati gallery

FOG Design+Art 2017

About Andrea Branzi

According to the man himself, “Andrea Branzi is a person who deals with theoretical physics, and sees architecture not as the art of building but as a much more articulated form of thought.” As an architect, designer, educator, and urban planner, Branzi has been on Italy’s cutting edge for half a century. In the 1960s he was a promoter of the Italian Radical movement and one of the founders of the Archizoom Association, an avant-garde design studio that combined theoretical research and practical application in projects like 1969’s No-Stop City, an exaggerated planned anti-utopia. His later Neoprimitivism, documented in the 1985 book Domestic Animals, features natural materials like as raw birch logs to create totemic forms for the home. Branzi is a professor at Politechnico di Milano and a founder of the Domus Academy, the first Italian post-graduate school of design.

Italian, b. 1938, Florence, Italy