Andrea Dezsö, ‘Imaginary Being Sitting Among Vines’, 2009, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Image rights: Courtesy of the Pucker Gallery, Boston

Andrea Dezsö: Dreamtime at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (September - December 2015)

About Andrea Dezsö

Drawing on a Romanian childhood rich in imagination and dreams, Andrea Dezsö creates drawings, sculpture, installation, murals, artist’s books, cut paper, and digital animation. She transforms personal narratives, lodged deep in her memories, into strange creatures, dream landscapes littered with body parts, and illuminated manuscripts. Dezsö also translates memories of her mother’s aphorisms into embroidery and porcelain sculpture, referencing the domestic folk arts of her homeland. Her work is reminiscent of the surrealistic illustrations of Gary Baseman and Julie Heffernan.

Romanian, based in New York, New York