Andrea Longacre-White, ‘Pad Scan (retouch)’, 2013, VARIOUS SMALL FIRES

About Andrea Longacre-White

Andrea Longacre-White uses photography to morph and distort images in iteration. She begins by taking a photo or using a found image and altering its print. Longacre-White then re-photographs the manually manipulated photograph and begins the process over again, stopping when the image has become almost invisible—thus illustrating the full range between representational and abstract imagery. Her tools include cameras, digital cameras, scanners, and printers; she has also made a series featuring scans of iPad screens, in which the heat from the scanner directly triggers activity on its screen. Longacre-White explains: “How information moves, morphs, is abridged, footnoted, reworked […] all frustrates and inspires me.” She names among her influences Louise Lawler, Wolfgang Tillmans, Wade Guyton, and Anne Collier. She is married to and sometimes exhibits alongside the installation artist Brendan Fowler.

American, b. 1980, Radnor, Pennsylvania