Andreas Eriksson, ‘Section’, 2017, Galleri Susanne Ottesen

Image rights: David Stjernholm

About Andreas Eriksson

Andreas Eriksson’s practice spans a range of mediums, including painting, installation, photography, and sculpture. Eriksson lives in the middle of a forest and draws inspiration from his surroundings for his introspective, poetic works: bronze castings of molehills, shadowy photographs of moss and trees, and abstract paintings in earthy greens and browns. He cites the influence of Edvard Munch and Albert Oehlen on his eclectic practice. “What is most important is that I remain honest to myself,” he says. “I think that all the different things I do in my studio have the same value… However, I enjoy this eclectic situation.”

Swedish, b. 1975, Björsäter, Sweden, based in Medelplana, Sweden