Andreas Feininger, ‘Columns of U.S. Soldiers Marching in Independence Day Parade up Fifth Avenue, New York’, 1942, Contessa Gallery

About Andreas Feininger

Andreas Feininger is famed for his black-and-white photographic explorations of the urban landscape in post-war New York City. As the son of the famous German-American Expressionist painter Lyonel Feininger and a Bauhaus-trained former assistant to the architect Le Corbusier, Feininger started using the camera merely as a reference aid in his building design. Photographing buildings gradually evolved into a practice of its own. With little to no interest in portraiture or the human subject, Feininger used an architect’s sense for precision and geometry to create panoramic images that showcased the contrasting scales of the city: its architecture, industrial spaces, and the fluid lines of its roads and alleys. A prolific writer and theorist as well, Feininger published over 30 books on photography.

American, 1906-1999, Paris, France