Andreas Fischbach, ‘Meccanismo di Informazioni - Sara’, 2015, Luisa Catucci Gallery


Image rights: Andreas Fischbach

The installation MECCANISMO DI INFORMAZIONI combines painted portraits of three different people coming from three different countries, associated with a video projection showing a list of statistic data concerning the economic, political and demographic condition of the countries highlighted in a big world map, leading the public to associate the countries to the people portrayed.
While the datas, cleaned by all negative information, will lead the unconscious judgement and perception of the nation and the person to it associate.

By juxtaposing a world map together with three acrylic painted portraits and video projections, the artist’s installation, Meccanismo d’informazioni, wants to be a reflection on how the information we receive every day from the mass-media about other countries, tend to influence our own personal representation of reality. By using the expedient of the chance meeting between the spectator and the portrayed figure, the artist wants us to reflect on how this overload of scientific information not only affects our own perception of the other but also influences the way we relate to them.

About Andreas Fischbach

Swiss, b. 1982, Lugano, Switzerland, based in Berlin, Germany