Andreas Fischer, ‘Mouli’, 2003, KÖNIG GALERIE

About Andreas Fischer

Unlike conventional machines that are designed to help humans increase their efficiency, Andreas Fischer’s kinetic sculptures perform seemingly random acts in an often dysfunctional manner. Removed from the mundane context of daily life, his contraptions are infused with a human spirit. Activated by motion sensors assembled from recycled appliances and other found utilitarian objects, the works come to life only in the physical presence of a viewer—one of the many ways that Fischer focuses our attention on the collaboration between man and machine.

German, b. 1972, based in Düsseldorf, Germany

Solo Shows on Artsy

Andreas Fischer: Hut in the Mud, KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin

Group Shows on Artsy

I MAY BE WRONG BUT I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, David Achenbach Projects, Düsseldorf