Andreas Kocks, ‘Untitled, Paperwork #1151G’, 2011, Winston Wächter Fine Art

New York

About Andreas Kocks

Andreas Kocks creates what he calls “paperworks”—junctures of sculpture, installation, and paper cutting. Kocks, who received his degree in sculpture, centers his practice on cutting paper into abstract, frothy forms, installing them in layers to create an illusion of depth. The works are sometimes monumental in scale, spreading from floor to ceiling of a gallery. For these works, Kocks limits himself to using only black or white paper; the different layers become visible in the way the light hits the work’s surfaces, or in the way that the paper curls. Kocks has also created a series of watercolor works in which he carves into thick sheets of watercolor paper, then uses washes of color to highlight the relief and the texture of the paper.

German, b. 1960