Andrei Koschmieder, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Johan Berggren Gallery

About Andrei Koschmieder

Andrei Koschmieder’s works are hybrids of painting, printmaking, and sculpture in material and presentation, made with combinations of silk, Plexiglas, ink, paint, and epoxy. In one inventive process, he prints sections of digital images onto foil, transfers the wet ink onto larger pieces of paper, and finally bathes these in resin such that they become three-dimensional objects. These are sometimes installed on the wall such that they hover off the wall, and lit to look like transparencies, while others stand in the round. The images in Koschmieder’s work are culled from a wide range of sources, including advertisements, magazines, graffiti, thermography diagrams, and popular culture. In 2010, Koschmieder began a series of works based on the architecture near Ground Zero.

German, b. 1980