Andrej Chernish, ‘Autumn in Prague’, Cosmopolitan Fine Arts

This oil depicts an autumn street scene along the historic Charles Bridge, a landmark of Prague. The clothes of men and women strolling along the bridge reflect the late 19th Century fashion, men wearing black frock coats and long hats, while women are dressed in stand-up collar coats and floor length skirts. Chernysh skillfully uses brown, orange and yellow tones for the autumn trees surrounding the bridge. In the background we see Prague's Old town Gothic Architecture. Directly facing the viewer is a large baroque-style statue decorating the bridge, followed by another, smaller one receding in the distance, a composition Chernysh uses to demonstrate a one-point perspective by of the bridge. This painting is like a beautiful two centuries-old postcard of Prague in autumn.

Chernysh first visited Prague in 1993, he was captivated by the beauty and mystery of that fantastic city. He subsequently created a series of works dedicated to capturing the towering spires and moods of Prague’s ancient vistas.

Signature: Signed lower left.

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