Andrew Dines, ‘Ragtown’, 2015, Academy Art Museum

Exploring the absurdities within contemporary Western society, Dines’s work is alternately critical and playful as he mines the glut of networked, online information in a quixotic search for meaning amidst the chaos. The results take form in a variety of media, hinting at a hidden humanity within the constructs of modern society. Combining images and techniques in unconventional ways, Dines strives to mimic the irrationality of the subject matter. Using familiar images, such as blueprints and maps, to create a layered narrative in which an aggressive process of addition and subtraction allows the viewer to experience both specificity and ambiguity, Dines documents a search for grace in the mundane and the absurd of the everyday.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

"The ROCI Road to Peace: Experiments in the Unfamiliar"

Venue: Academy Art Museum, Easton (2015-2016)

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