Andrew Esiebo, ‘Barbers, Accra #7’, 2012, Tiwani Contemporary

About Andrew Esiebo

Trained as a photojournalist, Andrew Esiebo takes photographs that highlight the dramatic social, political, and identitarian shifts happening in Nigeria and worldwide. Born and based in Lagos, Esiebo is invested in circumventing stereotypical narratives of disease and poverty in Africa. His photographs, which he disseminates through art and journalism contexts as well as through social media, capture local stories and life as he sees it. “I believe that my photographs are a clear reflection of my own vision of the daily realities of the country and the continent where I live in,” he has said. “These are images that until now have not been allowed to pass through the traditional gatekeepers of international media.”

Nigerian, b. 1978

Group Shows

New York,
New African Photography: Close to Home