Andrew Lui, ‘Masquerade III’, 2014, Oeno Gallery
Andrew Lui, ‘Masquerade III’, 2014, Oeno Gallery

Vibrant gestural work, watercolor and acrylic on paper with bold hues of pink, purple and gold. The large scale has a powerful impact. Framed.

Andrew Lui's new paintings continue to explore the idea of "self-inflicted happiness" as a deliberate response to the melancholy and complexity of life, and the confrontation between eastern and western aesthetics as seen through the metaphor of the horse and rider, the pilgrim in progress.

Originally from Canton, China, Lui now lives and works in Montreal, Québec. His formal arts training took place over many years in Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada. His painting career started in the early 1980s and his work is now exhibited internationally.

His work is part of a large number of private and corporate collections in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Vienna, Budapest, Stuttgart, China, Indonesia, Italy and Japan.

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