Andrew Lui, ‘Overture’, 2004, Oeno Gallery

Vibrant, rich colours are used in this bold painting. Work on rice paper, mounted on panel and framed.

Andrew Lui's new paintings continue in his Pilgrim Progress series, where he explores the idea of "self-inflicted happiness" as a deliberate response to the melancholy and complexity of life. An original and creative response to the confrontation between eastern and western aethetics, Lui's paintings crackle with energy, portraying what critic Dorota Kozinska describes as "a landscape marked by both suffering and ecstasy, infused with a profound understanding of the human experience." Born in Guangzhou, China, Andrew Lui studied Art in Toronto, Florence and London. His work is in important public and corporate collections in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, the US, and China. He has received many awards for his work, which is regularly exhibited in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Busan, Paris, Montreal and at the Oeno Gallery in Bloomfield Ontario.

About Andrew Lui