Andrew Moore, ‘El Almedron’, 1998, Tambaran

Logia Masonica, Centre Habana

Almendron (Big Almond) is the nickname for this type of car in Havana (1954 Bel Air Chevrolet)

Signature: Signed and numbered on the back

Published in "Inside Havana", Andrew Moore, 2002, plate 17

About Andrew Moore

Detroit, Havana, and Russia are among the places where photographer Andrew Moore seeks out dramatic visual evidence of the passage of time. As he writes about his work: “My photographic interests are stimulated by the busy intersections of history, particularly those locations where multiple tangents of time overlap and tangle.” For Moore, time is tangled most picturesquely in half-collapsed factories, a jumble of Times Square signs, or the faded splendor of Havana. In his photographs, he captures the stunning beauty of grandeur and its dissolution.

American, b. 1957, Old Greenwich, Connecticut