Andrew Salgado, ‘Orlando’, 2016, Beers London

About Andrew Salgado

London-based artist Andrew Salgado deals with questions of masculinity in his paintings of male figures, which strike a tenuous balance between abstraction and figuration. Salgado resists the term portraiture to describe his work, noting that his paintings strive to capture psychology more than likeness. “I am concerned with the political and social and psychological aspects that operate extra-diegetically to my subject (that is the content) and then in terms of the form of the work,” the artist has said. His works evoke a mood that suggests both aggression and vulnerability—two feelings elicited by an act of violence committed against the artist in 2008. The formal properties of paint are central concerns to Salgado, who employs the visceral materiality of oil paint and the expressive potential of color to create a sense of frailty and potency.

Canadian, b. 1982, based in London, United Kingdom