Andrew Zuckerman, ‘Nº 46 "Chimpanzee 282"’, 2007, Chamber

“Chimpanzee 282” is part of Andrew Zuckerman’s “Creature 1:1” series, in which all works were created at the actual size of the animal photographed. Conceived with the intention of drawing out the essential qualities of its subjects, “Creature 1:1” is aesthetically rooted in the illustrative indexing of the 19th century.

The images establish themselves as a kind of two-dimensional taxidermy where subjects are situated in a pure white expanse, eradicating the boundaries between viewer and animal. The series is part of Zuckerman’s extensive body of work on the natural world, which encompasses over 500 species of birds, animals, and plant life.

Image rights: Fran Parente

New York, United States

About Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman conducts immersive investigations of the human relationship with the natural world through the lens of photography, and documentary and conceptual film. His work focuses on living specimens through highly-detailed, decontextualized portraiture that provides unobstructed access to his subjects. His 2008 book, film, and traveling exhibition, Wisdom, featured interviews in his signature style of over 50 individuals over the age of 65 including Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, and Ted Kennedy. Zuckerman continued this type of acclaimed, singular subject investigation in his later series, Bird (2009), Music (2010), and Flower (2012).

b. 1977